Poker Slots Deluxe Out Now!

A slots game with something actually new!

If you like video poker, slot machines or yahtzee games then this one is for you. Like all of those together, mixed with some strategy and cunning, and you just hit the jackpot!

Poker Slots Deluxe plays like a slot machine, but you don't match 3 fruit or other symbols, you use the five reels to make poker hands instead.

Play is level based with increasingly difficult challenges to master. Each time you complete a challenge, you level up and unlock or upgrade a new feature of the game, so the slot machine unfolds around you as you progress.

There is also a bonus sixth reel that brings various benefits, including bonus games, mini games, spot prizes, win multipliers and nudges.

Why not give it a try now and see what you think, because the best bit of all is, it's FREE.

  • Infinite Challenge - Each level has up to three objectives to complete. Each of those objectives is chosen from a pool of challenges such as 'win x full houses', 'get x triple combo wins','Use x jokers' etc. This provides an infinite array of challenges that are regenerated every single time you complete the previous level - there's always something to play for.

  • 50 Level Up Rewards - You can play forever, but the first 50 levels all unlock or upgrade new features of the machine. This introduces new features, like nudges and bonus games, at a steady rate whilst allowing you time to figure how best to make them pay out big.

  • Multiple Paylines - Starting with just the one, completing certain levels unlocks more and more paylines up to a maximum of nine. Playing more paylines leads to chains of combo wins and longer winning streaks that pay off in the bonus games, etc.

  • Jokers - Jokers act as wildcard symbols and can be vital in later stages of the game to notch up the big winners. You start with none, but several level up rewards will add an extra Joker to each reel.

  • Nudges - Stop the bonus reel on a nudge symbol, then nudge the reels to line up even better wins. Using your nudges to make an optimal win can be quite a challenge, especially when you take into account multiple pay lines and wild card jokers. Optimal play requires genuine skill and cunning.

  • MegaNudge - Luckily, you get a number of MegaNudges at the start of the game and can win more by levelling up, unlocking achievements, winning them in the bonus game, etc. When you stop the sixth reel on a nudge symbol, simply hit the MegaNudge button to scoop up the good coin. Using a MegaNudge adds one extra nudge to the total available and then automatically nudges in the best possible combo win.

  • 34 Achievements - Just for fun, we've set aside 34 different achievements for you to unlock. Some of these are easy, some not, so good luck!

  • Bonus Game - Drop a bonus symbol on the sixth reel to start the bonus game, where you can earn spot prizes, collectable toys or one of three mini-games that provide even bigger wins.

  • 100 Collectable Prizes - As if all this isn't enough, you can also win 100 different prizes from the bonus game. These come in sets of five from various themes such as Candy, Dice, Fruit, Slot Cars, etc. Make a full set to unlock an achievement and earn extra MegaNudges.

  • And lots more - We don't want to spoil all the fun here. Poker Slots Deluxe is bristling with features, and the best way to experience them is to download the game and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

  • (This game is kept free thanks to occasional advertising. If you prefer, a small in-app purchase can be made to permanently remove them and score extra stuff into the bargain.)

    What are you waiting for? Download and play today!

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