Jungle Coin Falls Out Now! for FREE!

Step right up folks, all the fun of the fair!

Play this classic fairground game right now, right in the palm of your hand. No more waiting in line, no more jostling, no more change machines - we even give you the coins!

Progress through the game to unlock special features:

  • 'Candy Monkey' - he's on your side, throwing candy into the machine if you lose coins off the sides.
  • 'Jewel Monkey' - he's on your side too, throwing in valuable gems for you to collect and use.
  • 'Coin Shower' - masses of free coins for cashing in your candy.
  • 100 toys to collect

And loads more. With over thirty 'rank up' rewards to aim for, this game keeps on giving.

We supply free coins as you play, and you even earn some whilst away from the game. If you want to play even more than that, there are both free and paid options to get tons more coins. Hotdogs not included.

What are you waiting for? Download and play today!

Game screenshots

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