Fun Fair Coin Pusher - Out Now! for FREE!

Play the very best virtual coin pusher available, right now for free. You will not find a machine like this anywhere else, either in a real arcade or as a game.

You're one well-placed coin away from the mega jackpot, finger twitching nervously as you refine your aim.

And BOOM!, she's away. Down through the maze of pegs, down past the drop-zone feature and onto the coin bed, nudging the prize toy ever closer. The pusher moves. Nearly. Nearly... There! Over she comes with a whole slew of other coins, prizes and tokens. One more like that and you unlock the next level.

Play this classic fairground coin game, re-imagined and vastly expanded to become the leading virtual coin pusher machine available on the store. You won't find anything like this in the arcades as they'd go out of business.

Progress through many exciting levels, meeting various challenges along the way as you strive to become the master coin dropper.

Each time you finish a level, there's a new feature, new challenge, new ability, or something fresh to look at. This is the most comprehensive pusher game you will ever see, building on years of experience gained through creating similar titles.

Don't trust the spiel though, you can download for free right now and see for yourself. See you in there!


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