Love this gam..Except for the CPU, it point blank cheets!!!!

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Love this gam..Except for the CPU, it point blank cheets!!!!

Postby kknaub » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:26 am

I enjoy your game it is very relaxing an addictive...Only I must have a glitch or my CPU has a mind of its own... Without fail game will start an things are fine,by the third or fourth roll each player the CPU will roll an dice will come to stop then jump to whatever the dice was needed by CPU..Or cpu will roll all dice an every roll will produce 4of each number 4-4's 4-5's an so on ..But best one yet is the consecutive yatzies...An should I receive a yatzie then I suffer in one or more areas ..Three of each is a safe beat for most games..However after receiving a yatzie it will only allow me 1 maybe 2 of the same number needed... An at times,the cpu will pick a slot not earned or tried for , for instance he rolling for 3's an credits the full house box. but only recived2- 3's ,2 2's an a 6 ....I'm not sure what the heck is wrong with him but its frustrating when it happens regularly..Yes, of course I have had several other people play AGENST the CPU an to there suprize ,the CPU point blank cheets!!!! Please somebody fix my CHEETING CPU before I uninstall this absolutely wonderful an enjoyable game .....
I am most hopeful this problem can be fixed an I can return to a old fashion honest game of yatzie .
Sincerely yours
Kimberly f KNAUB ^:)^ :(( ;) :ymhug: ;;)

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