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Re: 500 downloads

Postby Someone123 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:05 pm

Now, it shows 500-1000.
Found one review on Google Play saying
A new edition of the little war game. Feels like a rewrite using new UI. Not a good as the old one. Graphics too much, hard to see or pick units sometimes. Worst, the AI seems to have taken a big big step back.

Seems like he didn't play game at all.
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Re: 500 downloads

Postby Stutton » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:46 am

I am really enjoying the game, even if I have only been playing it for six months, and mostly co-op. In GBWG I bought expansion packs to access more games etc. I am definitely not an expert, but could some of the battle matches be available in co-op? I would happily pay more to get them. My idea might be totally economically unviable, but I thought I would ask this question. If by some miracle this could be done at a minimal cost to Rubicon? Once people are hooked they usually want more. I think of all the years that I checked to see if more GBWG updates had come out.
There are a lot of players who prefer co-op (usually good communicators). It's a way to work together. Some don't battle at all.
As I have stated before, it is sad that this great game is not returning the investment that Rubicon has put into it.
You have my admiration for your achievements.
Stutton (Toniann)


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