Co-op mode- some bugs

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Co-op mode- some bugs

Postby jimmymcgoochie » Wed May 31, 2017 12:57 pm

If your ally quits a co-op game and you choose to continue the game solo offline, be careful- the unoccupied oil fields that your ally previously owned can disappear without warning! Simply move or build something over the scorch marks on the ground where the enemy HQ was, then press UNDO- the scorch marks disappear and the unoccupied oil fields will sometimes disappear too! I've tried to replicate this in skirmish mode but the oil wells stay put there, however if your ally quits a co-op game and you continue as an offline skirmish it happens very frequently, and I once made it happen after destroying an enemy's base in a co-op game (but didn't submit the turn as I wanted those oil wells!)

In addition, choosing to continue a co-op game offline if your ally quits does something really weird to the team colours- I recently changed from blue to red, and the opposing team changed from red and orange to green and orange. At first it just showed the banner at the top as red when playing my turn, and new units would appear red in their respective buildings, then turrets I built came out red, and eventually everything I had changed to the red team and the pre-existing red team suddenly turned green.

The idea of continuing a co-op game as a solo game offline is a good one, but it isn't currently working right and I'd recommend it be pulled from the release version to be fixed before adding it as a "new feature" later on.

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