Thoughs on turrets?

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Re: Thoughs on turrets?

Postby Kawila » Wed May 17, 2017 4:16 pm

Rubicon wrote:3) Destroy is no longer on a crappy popup, you have to move your builder there and use his new "destroy" power.

looks great first. But on second thought it looks like a bad idea to me.
I assume we want to have a fast and aggressive game. Not a stalemate between fortresses which only ends if one player looses patience and starts a suicide attack or gets bored and exceeds the time limit.
The ability of destroying buildings and investing the coins to boost an all-in attack is good for the game (in comparison with GBWG somehow compensating for the lack of Hail-Mary and not being able to take over enemy buildings). Making this much more difficult by requiring a stand-by engineer at the building reduces the success chances of sudden attacks a lot.

For the same reason turrets should not be very strong. In general the best plan for each player should be to invest most of his coins into attacking capabilities.
It would kill the geame if the best plan for both players would be to invest a lot in turrets.
A good idea might be to revive the idea of Skyhooks moving turrets and turrets attacking buildings. This would add attacking force to them.

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Re: Thoughs on turrets?

Postby Scotch21 » Wed May 17, 2017 4:27 pm

I like the turret ideas Paul, this gives the option of bunking down and holding while saving for an army. Thus giving the option for a longer game if one wants it. Some times I like quick games sometimes I like longer games, now I have the option especially if I'm playing as the DR.
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