The brand adored by millions gets another airing. Feedback welcome.
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Postby Greatbigjim » Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:33 am

What a fantastic game, again!! Thanks folks :)

I played through pretty quick, and then went back to replay on hard, now I'm trying to go back and beat my best scores.

But Guys, replaying is a total pain,
What levels have I beaten on hard? I'm not sure.
What is my best time on a given level- impossible to tell until I finish the game.
What levels are 'survive for n days' ? Who knows until I start the level.

Want to quit a level and start again? Crap I don't remember what this level number is, and when I quit it scrolls back up to level 60 anyway. Even if I did know it would be annoying to scroll back down to 13.

Just a few simple tweaks to the UI would do so much to improve the replay experience.

-show the best times on the level choice menu (and if you got the battle point star) along with mission type
-show the current level number when I hit pause, and best time
-when I quit to main menu don't scroll to highest mission completed, scroll to last level played
-Give me a restart button in the pause menu

But these are serious 'first world problems' from someone looking to extract every last ounce of fun from the game!

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Re: Replay

Postby Rubicon » Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:37 am

Good suggestions all and glad you like it. If/when we do an update we'll look into doing something here.
Regards, Paul Johnson.

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