Glwg2 units

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Glwg2 units

Postby Kergan » Mon Jul 07, 2014 7:00 pm

I was replaying GLWG prior to grabbing v2, but it then occurred to me why I stopped playing it before ever finishing: the unit balance sucked, and no upgrade paths for them -- along with an inept AI -- ultimately made the game kind of boring.

What's in GLWG2? Is it GLWG or GBWG style units? As in cost, splash damage, etc. In either case, what changes were made to unit price etc. if any? And are there upgrades?

And perhaps even more importantly, is the AI just as pathetically incompetent as in the prior two iterations, or are there any material improvements to the latter?

What value does one get, beyond an extra 60 missions and perhaps a few UI enhancements, out of GLWG2?

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Re: Glwg2 units

Postby Kergan » Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:06 pm

So... I eventually ran into the free version, which I hadn't seen mentiond anywhere. The answers basically are:

- gbwg style units with splash damage and similar prices (in the first few missions anyway)
- a few changes to units, e.g. the commando is more expensive, engineers take buildings in a single "shot"
- unit upgrades are just buffs to attack and defense
- the ai is its usual incompetent self
- very little value beyond the extra 60 missions, of which the first few were so trivial that the game got deleted
- the game engine is still riddled with the same unfixed bugs that existed in glwg and gbwg, e.g. grunts and bazookas firing with 3-range at you on the same terrain level
- landscape mode not working on my iPad, but is advertised to do so in the game's description

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Re: Glwg2 units

Postby Mpm » Wed Aug 27, 2014 9:22 pm

Is there a way to turn off the battle animation or speed up the game play?

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