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Strategy tips

Postby kimke » Fri Jul 04, 2014 8:52 am

This message contains spoilers, so you have been warned :)

I played the first campaign with medium settings and almost all the missions were ridiculously easy. They won't get any harder in end :( The next game I started with hard difficulty, although it actually made the game sometimes simpler and I got bored after mission 40. Note that after campaign end you can't restart the campaign. You get 10 000 battle points bonus for completing the campaign and you can replay the missions. You also get 50 points bonus for breaking the current mission record.

In another post I explained how to beat the mission 37 in only 2 days without a fight (other than destroying the enemy HQ). The other missions are easy, too, but when you are playing a mission for the first time you may want to capture the star (150 bonus points), making the mission a bit more complex. In those missons the first rule is:

1. The grenadier is your ubersoldier, not the sniper or commando.

Unlike in the GBWG, there is no ammo limit, making the grenadier much more useful. The range of grenadier is as good as that of sniper, but with one great advantage: Grenades can be thrown over obstacles. Also, after three kills your grenadier gets his first promotion making it efficient sniper killer. With grenadier you can sometimes get 4-5 kills with one grenade, theoretical maximum being 7.

Grediers are vulnerable to point blank fire, so sometimes a grunt is useful to in front of the grenadier, protecting the grenadier and mopping up. A medic is also useful to keeping veteran grenadiers alive. To make grenadiers veteran quickly use a couple of grunts to weaken the enemy before grenades, or use two grenadiers in pair.

2. Try to capture enemy barrack(s) as soon as possible to prevent the enemy from deploying new infantry. Usually you can build engineers from newly captured barracks to capture enemy factories to prevent them deploying anything at all. You often need to use jeeps or ferries to get close enough without being killed. And sometimes you need to wait one turn in a jeep or ferry so that when you unload your engineer has maximum range.

(continues in the next post)

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Re: Strategy tips

Postby kimke » Fri Jul 04, 2014 8:54 am


3. Shoot snipers with your grunt: Just move you grunt next to the sniper and it can not return fire.

4. Destroy enemy HQ with bazookas (they are much better in that job than grenadiers). Alternatively flame tanks are also good at destroying buldings (and infantry, of course)

5. Do not build heavy tanks or artillery. Unlike GBWG, for example, big tanks are not needed. MLRS and especially cruisers are sometimes useful for bombing, though.

6. As tanks are not needed, you may want to use experience points on engineers and jeeps, too. With maxed out engineers you usually survive enemy hits, with 96% damage, but still fully capable of capturing an oil well or a building.

I have to say that I liked GLWG1 or GBWG more than this. In the second round of playing the missions I got new mission records almost in every missions with hard difficulty until mission 40 when I got bored. I was thinking of using some house rules to make the game more interesting, but after a second though I realized that it's not going to change the basic problem of this game: It's boring, unlike GLWG 1 or GBWG.

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