Leaving the game - ok?

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Leaving the game - ok?

Postby Thuull » Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:18 am

So, help me out on this one...

I've fought Zoloft multiple times over the past week. All of them have been good games.

Game I just played, it was hit/miss the whole time, he got me pretty low and it really depended on my draws to win. In the end, I had him...


Before I killed him though, he quit out.

Is this cool? I had him and he knew it...I would have won anyway. When you're in that situation, is it better to quit out and take the loss and save some time, or let the match finish.

What exactly is the community's ethics meter on this? I'll be happy to play along if the consensus is to just quit out when the loss is evident. You are saving both players some time that way...

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