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Yes, exactly. That video…

So, after over nine man years of blood, sweat, tears and laughter, we found ourselves a month or so from releasing Combat Monsters and starting to consider a promo video.

We did a “coming soon” one not so long ago that looked liked everyone else’s “coming soon” one.

Let’s be honest here, they’re getting a bit old now. Every game has a trailer, be it the latest AAA epic from a global publisher, right down to Joe in his basement finishing off his first ever game. And they all go something like this:

Logo from a publisher you’re sick of seeing
Logo from a developer you’ve never heard of
Some text about how this is the best game ever
Bit of footage
Some more hyperbole and superlatives
Bit more footage
An “its on these formats” screen like we don’t know already.

The point of a promo video is to draw attention to the game, so some of that is needed. But what’s needed most is a sense of fun. So we wanted to do away with the surgical delivery and have as much fun with the video as we did making the game, make something a bit different.

What we settled on was 80′s manga cartoon style, a smorgasbord of cheesy shots, a ripe gorgonzola lyric, and a big smile. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you.

The Combat Monsters official trailer….

All of that is deliberate. Yes, really. The only issue being that the game is not actually out yet – that would be October 23rd for iOS, Android and Windows. That’s next week!

5 Responses to “Yes, exactly. That video…”

  • Saigo says:

    Did someone tell Apple to order some extra bandwidth for the downloads ? I think they’re gonna need it ;)

    Vid looks great !

  • JulyDerek says:

    Wow!! Hope it sync’s between Android devices !

    First day buy for me !

    Well done Paul & gang !

    Hope to see you guys again on the Forums.

    Cheers & best of luck !

  • Rubicon says:

    Yep, it syncs with everything we support. And things we don’t (yet) like the Mac version coming next year.

  • riksteri says:

    There’s still like 6-10 seconds at the beginning before gameplay starts, depending on what you define as gameplay. That’s about 6 seconds too long. It also does not work that well without audio, as I was first watching it, and wondering what’s so special about it.

  • Rubicon says:

    The game footage starts after 6 seconds. I thought that was a record tbh!

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