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Fantastic, now with added acronymns. This time, AI

We’ve specced out several levels of intelligence for the computer player, to provide for a nice range of newbie to advanced skill levels in the quests and stuff.

The deepest level of intelligence will be implemented using the same stuff as you’d find in a chess engine, looking several moves ahead, making cunning plans, nipping your special combos in the bud and basically doing all it can to mash you into the ground as soon as possible.

The dumbest level of AI just involves selecting a random monster, picking an ability it can perform, also at random, and just doing it. Needless to say this is already implemented (took about 20 minutes), but the important thing this has brought to the game is a point!

You can now actually play it properly, which never felt right with the human controlling both sides – imagine doing that for chess or scrabble and it’s a bit lame. Well, same here.

Now though, this is awesome. Here’s some carnage I made earlier…

Charnel House

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