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Fantastic. Latest update – now with added GUI

Wow, things are really starting to pick up now. The actual combat and abilities/magic/etc is all coming along really nicely. So much so that the “programmer art” front end was starting to the let the side down a bit.

So, us being indies and therefore not needing three meetings to discuss who should be in the design meeting about the front end, we just magiced up a front end.

Clearly it’s not finished yet, and those text “icons” are gonna need some lurve at some point, but the general layout and style is finalised and we’re all really happy with how this is moving along.

Without further ado…

8 Responses to “Fantastic. Latest update – now with added GUI”

  • Brian Dreyer says:

    My 2 cents:

    Make the background behind the character lighter, shorten the words on the tab so the tab is larger (‘fat fingers”), maybe smaller character / circle so the lower selections are easier to tap… not that I know anything about what I’m talking about!!

    Love the “Attack”, “Assault”, etc. buttons and rows

  • Rubicon says:

    Noted, it’s something we’re always thinking about.

    You don’t need to tap anything below the character atm, but you’re right the stuff on the right is a bit unbalanced.

  • Saigo says:

    Presumably later you’ll give the human archer a bow and quiver ? (-_~)

  • Rubicon says:

    Indeed. But part of the gameplay is that you can equip anyone with anything – they all do better with different weapons and abilities so balancing your squad is a big part of how to fight.

  • Saigo says:

    Ah, nice, will make for some interesting strategies. Why would I give an archer a different weapon if its less effective in his hands though ? Maybe cost reasons ?

  • Rubicon says:

    In that case you probably wouldn’t. There are bows and several types of melee weapon and each bring benefits from other stuff. For example one type of shield might offer +10 HP if you have a dagger to go with it. But you want the health benefit of an elf and don’t need the bow.

    We’re trying to balance it so there’s never one obvious “right” answer, which will encourage experimentation.

  • Saigo says:

    Ok, makes sense.

    Just in case you were looking for some more ideas for ‘monsters’, this creature is one of my favourite in Japan -
    Some nice illustrations showing how its ‘look’ has varied over the years etc..

  • Rubicon says:

    Nice, thanks.

    We are shipping the game with ten different races, but intend to offer a whole new set of characters (12 in each race) every couple of months, post release.

    All suggestions welcome. :)

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