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Epic Little War Game – Help Wanted for Greenlight

Been a while since I last update my dev diary for Epic Little War Game. Mostly that’s because we’ve all been involved in grunt work, but something new happened today.

We’re finally at a point where we can show something official, so up on Steam Greenlight it goes. Yay!

Please click the image link below and upvote us, you know you want to and it’ll help us out a bunch, thanks.

9 Responses to “Epic Little War Game – Help Wanted for Greenlight”

  • Pitoesh says:

    Hi Paul,

    I write a comment, and mentioned Yes I would buy the game.
    Is that an upvote button, or do I need to do something else?

    Good luck!

  • Wolf says:

    Epic Little War Game! This is AMAZING!!!!
    I love THAT!

    One question, Whether the game will run on LG-E460?

    • Rubicon says:

      We will be releasing on all mobile formats, but only after the PC one has gone out. (If you do it the other way around you get burnt for some reason.)

      So get that greenlight button mashed people. :)


      • Wolf says:

        I’m looking forward to the release of this game.
        Is is more or less an expected release date of the game on a mobile platform?

        Thanks for reply ;)

        • Rubicon says:

          We’re a few months out from being finished yet, so hopefully the greenlight will get approved by then and we can release everything all at the same time.

          That’s the aim, but it’s down to the public on how fast the PC gets approval so all we an do is keep pushing that and hoping for the best.

          • Wolf says:

            You are truly amazing!
            In earlier parts of this series I was playing really good, I’ll wait for more information and look forward to release this game.
            Good luck guys!

  • Z says:

    I would love another war game title one of my top favs on mobile platform and would definitely buy this game btw you need to update great big war game for android 7.0 cant wait for this one ill be waiting eagerly

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