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Epic Little War Game – Dev Diary 7

Not that much to report at the moment, still soldering on with the campaign missions for single player. I don’t want to show anything about that though as it will spoil the surprises.

So we did find time to work in this new structure that you can build in your base. It’s basically a free money machine, and we all like free money, right?

Seen as an investment, these bad boys cost quite a bit to build and are pretty weak so you’d best keep them round the back somewhere. But they generate coins every turn and will eventually turn an endless profit.

Ideal for maps with lower resources near your start points. Or just for putting the shits up your opponent.

13 Responses to “Epic Little War Game – Dev Diary 7”

  • James McBride says:

    I am LOVING the direction that this game seems to be taking! It is this kind of building (and others like it, I hope) that will give this game A LOT of flavor.

    I am so glad that you guys started up working on this again. You will have my money the day that it comes out.

  • Is there any sort of gameplay available as of now: A beta or some kind of early access. If not when can we expect this?

    • Rubicon says:

      Almost. We’re just kinda buffing all the rough edges off what’s there already just so we can try an early alpha – ideally next month.

  • David Bulmer says:

    Will the new game, “Epic little war game” , be available to purchase as a hard copy to use on PC’s at home?

  • Craig Tuplin says:

    How do we show interest in helping with testing an alpha release?

    • Rubicon says:

      Just like that, thanks :)

      The best place to keep informed is via our forum –

      We’ll make announcements here, but access to all the goodies and the place to leave feedback will all be done through a sub-forum there when the time is right. Hope to see you in there soon. :)

  • Tom phillips says:

    I would like to be a tester if u need

  • Toni Fairbairn says:

    Would love to test, have been playing for forever and am so happy to see a new version almost ready. GBWG just has something that other games don’t have. Love the tongue in cheek humour, it’s not like so many corny cartoon games. I have played every version of this game and it just keeps getting better. Each version has strategy improvements. Truly amazed that after playing it so often that I keep finding new ways to win, and I love to win. HOORAY!

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