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Curiosity? Result!

It’s still early for making firm plans, but no indie developer can exist without at least occasionally thinking about how to market his next creation right off the bat. Factoring in “marketable aspects” even has to be done during the initial design phase, as there’s no point making something incredible if nobody ends up seeing it.

The press love machine aka Peter Molyneux has inspired me a lot since the realease of “Curiosity”. It seems that all we need to do is call our fantasy game an “experiment” and we’ll get instant press attention and millions of day one players. It seems there’s another side effect of this revelation too; We can cut all the gameplay features out, save tons of money in development time, and just make something that players can tap on as they dribble.


Sadly, we’ve already wasted many development hours trying to make a game, so it seems we should really keep going. We’ll go the old-fashioned route and try to get some attention by delivering something good instead. Which leads nicely into the latest gratuitous screenshot…


3 Responses to “Curiosity? Result!”

  • Saigo says:

    “Human assassin” – kewl

    First I’d heard of that cube app, clever, very clever, ( in a ‘lets tap into the sheeple side of human nature’ kind if way ), but it won’t be taking up mb on my phone. ( getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to play GBWG online, waiting for the update, currently error 3000′ed )

  • Leila says:

    After trying sporadically over the weekend, I haven’t actually been able to join in with the Cube fun yet! However, I have a feeling that, down the line, some one’s going to be /very/ disappointed – what can possibly be that good on your chosen mobile device screen? Unless they’re promoting the next Rubicon game, of course ;-)

  • Rubicon says:

    Nice idea. I’ll give my old mate Peter a ring about it later..

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