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Code Breaker Ultimate – OUT NOW for Android

Another crank of the handle, another timeless classic released to obscurity on the play store. Give it a go – it’s free and it’s surprisingly good fun.

Grab it here:

4 Responses to “Code Breaker Ultimate – OUT NOW for Android”

  • Pitoesh says:

    Hi Paul,

    Is there a reason why the latest games are all for android (not apple)?

    • Rubicon says:

      Yes. The last time we released an adware game on iOS, it’s still not earned us a single dollar to date from ad revenue.

      Sometime later this year we’ll be doing $0.99 paid versions for iOS, see if that can get us more than 2 sales and break the earnings record.

      • Pitoesh says:

        Just out of curiousity. How come google can make you earn $ and not apple. What are they doing differently?

        • Rubicon says:

          I think it’s just down to the numbers. Worldwide, Android is beating iOS by about 10:1.

          iOS owners still typically spend more money than do Android, but both numbers are so low in general now that adverts are really the only way to make any money at all – and it’s not great.

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