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Combat Monsters – new card art incoming

One of the few regular criticisms we get is that our card art is a bit lame. And they’re right, it is! The justification for this is that unlike all our bigger, better known competitors, our cards actually come alive when you play them. The monsters etc. are “real”, so we draw the 3D model [...]

Combat Monsters: Vampires update now out (v3.4)

Welcome back. We have another update for you and it got pretty big again, with 120 new cards and another new race of monsters – Vampires. This update will be the last for a while, as the next expansion we aim to bring you is simply going to need a ton of new work. Team [...]

Steam Reviews – a harsh place to be if you EVER make a mistake.

It took a very long while to get our Combat Monsters game approved through greenlight and out onto the Steam store. So much so that in truth we’d kinda written this off and forgotten about it, assuming it would never happen. If asked on a more “up” day, I’d reply that I hoped it would [...]

Hitler reacts to Combat Monsters marketing success…

I made this mainly for cathartic reasons, but figured I’ve nothing to lose by sharing now that it’s finished. Here, have a laugh at my expense. (or maybe some schadenfreude if that’s your thing.)

Combat Monsters 3: Reinforcements


It’s Monster! This is not some random patch, not even a regular sized expansion, we’re bringing you a game-changingly big whole new version of the game. We’ve listened to our criticisms, we’ve noted our plaudits, and we’re hoping this new version will satisfy everyone in spades. 1,200+ new cards That’s 1,200 new cards- the grand [...]

Combat Monsters v2.4 update

This is another big one, including some cool new stuff, the fixing of some complained-about issues and of course the long promised card trading facility. Here’s what you can expect to see in the new version: More Payback After reading between the lines of a lot of nasty complaints, and some welcomely written constructive versions [...]

Combat Monsters Steam Launch – Jan 21st

Because it’s worth a post of its own… Combat Monsters is going live on PC from January 21st. You can actually sneak in early if you’re in an EU timezone, from 18.00 on the 20th. Get your link clicking finger ready..

Epic Everything Else Update

Bit late, but Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a very busy time here over the holidays and since. So in no particular order… Combat Monsters Steam Launch Combat Monsters is going live on PC from January 21st. You can actually sneak in early if you’re in an EU timezone, from 18.00 on the 20th. [...]

Combat Monsters App Update Out Now

Our latest update has just aired and there’s something for everyone. PC and Android are available right now, whilst the iOS version has been submitted and will be available when Apple are good and ready, hopefully early next week. The changes are as listed below. In other great news, our Greenlight campaign to get Combat [...]

Epic Little War Game: Dev Diary #5

What’s in a name anyway? *Sigh* we’re changing the name yet again, only this time it’s final. We’ve even registered it in various places just to underline that. Step up and take a bow, Epic Little War Game. Nobody was happy with “Best” – it sounded both arrogant and lame at the same time. The [...]

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