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Combat Monsters Gets Goblins

  Coming soon to expansion 5… In Combat Monsters, goblins are fairly passive creatures that prefer cunning and manipulation over outright aggro. All goblins are low attack, high health monsters that are reasonably cheap to play. This one featured is also sporting a brand new ability that should please our regulars and links nicely to [...]

It’s winter time, here’s some De-Icer…

Couple of new things just got finished off for our next Combat Monsters update. These are by no means the biggest thing coming, but I know a few of our regulars will like these, so spoiler alert time. I have some useful monsters ready to rock, but my opponent just Ice Blocked everything. Bummer! But, [...]

And the winner is… 17 of you!

Our christmas fun competition is now over, the votes have been counted and verified (I picked), and the results are in. Congrats to all below who won 500,000 rubicoins, per pic, just for opening a good mystery pack and posting a picture of it on our forum ( Special shout outs to players yofernan and [...]

Combat Monsters v4.4 maintenance patch

Greetings and happy new year! After our recent launch of v4 of the game, we found several minor issues with it, which this new version fixes. There are also some balance tweaks that were needed since the addition of team play that have now been addressed also. We have a bit of new stuff for [...]

Combat Monsters Christmas Compo – Massive Prizes

Hi everyone. To celebrate the release of our recent v4 expansion and the fact that christmas is coming, we’re doing a massive competition that you can enter for free. No purchases are needed as you get mystery chests from the daily challenge, the monthly leaderboard and other places. Simply post your game username and a [...]

Combat Monsters v4 – The “OMG it’s massive!” expansion


Here we are again, it’s update time and we think you’re gonna love it. So much so, we’ve changed the name – it really is now called the “The OMG it’s massive!” expansion because it’s, er, massive and it will make you go “OMG”* (* May not be true.*) (* But probably will be.) Download [...]

Combat Monsters v4.0 feature list

Our fourth major expansion is around the corner, so it’s about time I shared what’s going in it with you all. The short answer is “tons”, which I’m sure by now comes as no great surprise. For the long answer… It’s all about the players Our main thrust this time around is to get more [...]

Combat Monsters – new card art incoming

One of the few regular criticisms we get is that our card art is a bit lame. And they’re right, it is! The justification for this is that unlike all our bigger, better known competitors, our cards actually come alive when you play them. The monsters etc. are “real”, so we draw the 3D model [...]

Combat Monsters: Vampires update now out (v3.4)

Welcome back. We have another update for you and it got pretty big again, with 120 new cards and another new race of monsters – Vampires. This update will be the last for a while, as the next expansion we aim to bring you is simply going to need a ton of new work. Team [...]

Steam Reviews – a harsh place to be if you EVER make a mistake.

It took a very long while to get our Combat Monsters game approved through greenlight and out onto the Steam store. So much so that in truth we’d kinda written this off and forgotten about it, assuming it would never happen. If asked on a more “up” day, I’d reply that I hoped it would [...]

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