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About time I had my rant about piracy. Hell, every dev does it at some point…

So, let’s get our shit together here. If you want a free version of Great BIG War Game for Android, just type in “great big war game” to Twitter search and enjoy. I just did that and the first seventeen tweets all had different links to the updated game we published a couple of hours ago.

Please get the full ones and not just the lame-ass versions without the 95Mb of data, as looking at “it wont run” crash reports all day is getting a bit old.

If you really are enough of a tightwad to pirate a $2.99 game, you have my deepest sympathy, your life must be pretty crap. If it’s not crap, you should be ashamed at yourselves for such petty thievery, but then deep down you already know that.

You can even masquerade behind “try before you buy” and “my country doesn’t have credit cards” if it makes you feel any better. I’ve seen every justification for theft imagineable, even diagrams where making a copy instead of stealing the original is somehow ok.

I want to point out that we are three guys working in a barn, without any financial assistance from anyone, certainly no big publishers or other sugar daddys. Not paying for our games is having a direct effect on whether we can keep our jobs and raise our families.

I don’t want your sympathy, I just ask one thing. If you think our game is good enough that you want to play it, then please buy it and there might even be another one in the future.

Why anyone would want to live with the fact that they’re comitting theft and then do it over a coupla bucks, I really don’t get. If you want to live that life, at least go rob a bank and make it pay. But then you might get caught right, and that there’s the nub of the matter.



One Response to “About time I had my rant about piracy. Hell, every dev does it at some point…”

  • Laurent says:


    Blame Google too. You have to realize that many, many android users don’t have access to paid apps (like me). And most don’t know they just have to root their phone and install marketAccess (, and set it up on boot, and wait a couple of days… How many users would even be able to do it ?

    Not talking about not all users having a credit card… And their is no alternative like paypal that you can easily feed with your bank account ….

    By the way I bought it as I bought Great Little War and All Out War.
    I simply LOVE those games. Fantastic work. Congrat.

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