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October, 2016

Checkers Versus – Out NOW for free on Android


Checkers (or “Draughts” if you prefer) is our penultimate offering in this run of timeless classics releases for Android. It plays a mean game for that single player itch, or take it online and beat the world. That’s it really – it’s Checkers, not mining alternate fuels on Jupiter. Grab it right here, gratis:

Code Breaker Ultimate – OUT NOW for Android


Another crank of the handle, another timeless classic released to obscurity on the play store. Give it a go – it’s free and it’s surprisingly good fun. Grab it here:

Reversi Versus – OUT NOW for Android


In other news, one of those smaller games I mentioned below made it to the google play store today, in the form of Reversi Versus. Get it here for free:   You can try your hand against our very competitive AI routines, or play a friend via G+ That’s about it, it’s reversi – [...]

Epic Little War Game – BACK ON


Big news. From today, yours truly is back on developing epic little war game full time. The rest of the team are still finishing off some smaller projects, announcements soon, but they’ll all be lining back up on our core game within a week or two. This is great, feels like coming home. I’ll be [...]