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August, 2014

Can anyone help us become successful developers?

What is success anyway? We’ve been talking here about why we’re still looking with trepidation each month at our earnings statements, hoping that we’ll be able to pay all the bills again. In fairness that’s only once or twice been a fail, but most months we only just seem to limp over the line. It’s [...]

Ultimate War Game: Dev Diary #1

Map Generator Well, still only me on this project so not that much has changed since my first noises on the subject. The map editor stuff is about complete now and looks pretty enough – I’m certainly happy with it. Still some things to add to this, but basically this is what the game will [...]

Why Steam is making my blood boil!

Cross posted at Gamasutra As most know, Steam is a very closed shop indeed. Even before the current gen consoles’ “more open” policies, you could always get a contact at MS or Sony to try and get on their kit. They’d often say no, but you could at least have that conversation. Even when you got that no, [...]

Piracy. Is it now just a silly habit?

Cross posted at gamasutra It’s been a busy time for us over at Rubicon Towers. We’ve started working now on our next “proper” game, but for a while we’ve been punting out a number of smaller titles just for the crack, and the hope of getting lucky. Flappy Bird lucky. I’m trying to maintain some [...]

Zombies: Dead in 20 – out now for Android

All is lost. You’re completely surrounded and it’s waaay too late to run. The only question now is, how long can you survive…? Simply tap the screen to shoot the zombie hordes. If you shoot like a maniac you might just live long enough to grab the shotgun. That is all. You’re on your own [...]