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May, 2014

$2.99? What a rip off!

My wife enjoys baking and I recently asked her to make me some peppermint fondant creams, a personal favourite. She dutifully went off to buy the ingredients and also bought a product, pictured below, to finish them off. Why the hell am I blogging about such matters?  Simple, we’re returning to the world of paid [...]

Fairground Coin Falls is now out. Our best yet by miles

You can get it from google play here: right now. The iOS version has been submitted to Apple so should be another week or so. This is our best machine by miles and I’m very proud of it. Please give it a go and let me know what you think?

Great Little War Game. Too?

Yep, there is a sequel to the original Great Little War Game, and we’ve gotten even less imaginitive with the title. It’s actually a truer sequel to the original game, streamlined to better play on a phone. We’ve folded in some bits from GBWG and a few new things, but this game has gone back [...]