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October, 2013

Combat Monsters – service interruption

We are having some teething problems at the moment. For the last several days we’ve been trying to fix an intermittent issue where a tiny amount of players lost booster chests they’d opened. In practice this was a very rare occurrence, but clearly this needs to be 100%, so has taken most of our attention [...]

Yes, exactly. That video…

So, after over nine man years of blood, sweat, tears and laughter, we found ourselves a month or so from releasing Combat Monsters and starting to consider a promo video. We did a “coming soon” one not so long ago that looked liked everyone else’s “coming soon” one. Let’s be honest here, they’re getting a [...]

Combat Monsters release date…

We’re going live on iOS, Android and PC on October 23rd – that’s next week! Other formats to follow, along with tons of feature and content updates forever more. Press materials are whoosing out the door as I type, so forgive us if your internet is down for a week due to the excessive traffic [...]

It’s not all rock and roll

I stumbled across this old picture and it moved me to a brief post. When you see developers talking about sophisticated AI, it’s easy to envision some kinda crap from CSI:New York, where double-domed academics adjust stuff in real time and instantly make the crouch and cover work better on level 4 in glorious 3D [...]