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August, 2013

Combat Monsters Beta 3

Is now out. Tons of tweaks and fixes based on excellent feedback from the forum. Some cards have been rebalanced as below: Spells ====== Carnage: Rare => Legendary 6 Mj => 8 Mj Warrior Purge, Archer Purge, Mage Purge: Uncommon => Rare 5 Mj => 7 Mj Lava Vent: +1 Pwr => +2 Pwr 4 [...]

Combat Monsters – OUT NOW

We just slipped out a PC Beta for you all to have a play on. Enjoy!

Want Combat Monsters on Steam?

We certainly do, and we’d love for you to help us make it happen, please. If you want to actually play the game on Steam, or you just think we’re really really ace and want to help, please click the image above and vote the game up? Many thanks!

Combat Monsters Promo Video is now a thing…

We’re pretty proud of this, captures the game well in our opinion. What do you think?  

OMG, Now that’s a trailer.

Just seen the second edit of our release trailer for combat monsters. We’re awaiting some final voice overs, and then you can all see it too. Monday I hope. Book a night in, it’s bloody great!  Biased? Me?  Nah….

Combat Monsters iOS – It’s a thing!

Here it is in all it’s glory, even with a good frame rate. Our much announced and little shown public airing is now only days way. Yes, honestly.    We’re just waiting on a finished proper trailer video and then can switch gears into showing the game off on PC too.