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June, 2013

Combat Monsters closed Beta coming sooner

Wow, what a hectic couple of weeks! A lot of things have come together and we’ve shot from being a little behind to a little ahead of our promised public Beta opening. Between then and now, only a handful of weeks away, we’ll be doing a closed Alpha/Beta to get some initial feedback. We won’t [...]

Just a quick “coming soon”…

We’re aware that without a playable game or even a precis yet, so far all we’re peddling is pretty pictures. We’re still on course for a public beta in a month or so, and a precis of all the features and gameplay ideas is being worked up as I type. Nearly becoming an actual thing!

Combat Monsters 4 way FFA in real time

It really is a thing. It even mostly just worked…  This is using the same code that the asychronous (one turn per day) mode uses, so it’s all just lovely. Mobile can play PC in either play-by-mail or near real time with no special cases and no issues, so this is a good thing. The [...]