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May, 2013

Big moment coming up for GBWG

As of the count this morning, we are six multiplayer accounts shy of 100,000. Are you gonna be the one? I think it’s time to dig up one of our last remaining t-shirt/promo packages for the big winner…  

Kudos, Peter.

Whilst it’s hardly a unique thing, I’ve been pretty outspoken about Mr Molyneux and his big promises over the years – you’ll even find me teasing about him elsewhere in this blog. But I have to say that whilst it would be easy to cast a cynical spin on it, for once I’m not going [...]

I can see the future…

And that future is lots of people claiming that Combat Monsters is a clone of Mojang’s upcoming title, Scrolls. Scarily similar USP’s and you wouldn’t catch Notch copying anything, so that’s us sunk then! I am a bit sad about this development though, joking aside. We’ve seen a number of other CCG games pop out [...]

Combat Monsters Teaser Vid

No pics this time, a movie being worth a thousand pictures.  (Hmmm, something like that anyway) This isn’t a full cinematic style trailer, just a quick mash up of some interesting bits now that all the coder art has gone. We will be doing one of those in the near future though, and I promise [...]