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February, 2013

GBWG up for a BAFTA!

This is thrilling news, the British Academy of Film and Television have graced us with a nomination in the “best strategy games” category. The proudest moment is yet to come though. I’ve been speaking with a couple of the organizers of the award, back from when we were first nominated to be nominated and they [...]

Combat Monsters

You heard it here first, we’ve picked a name for our “fantastic” game that’s currently under development, and this post makes it official. In slightly less dry news, I got a new gameplay feature going today. Learning fast from poor sales of GBWG, we realised that to make a truly successful title it needs to [...]


Great Big War Game seems to be racking up the accolades lately. Following up on our most appreciated “Mobile Strategy Game of 2012″ from IGN, yesterday we got a wider award – “Best Mobile Game, 2012″ from Game Dynamo. Thanks guys!  This is kinda bittersweet for us though tbh, as the game isn’t selling as [...]

It’s all happening

It’s been a while since the last post so I have some catching up to do. Our fantasy game is making steady progress, but nothing’s changed too much visually as it’s all been nuts and bolts and server stuff etc. Still takes a nice screenie imo though, so without further ado: We’ve added movement to [...]