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December, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

I hope it’s been a good year for you all, and that the next one is even better. Happy Holidays from all of us at Rubicon.

Great Big War Game – Strategy Game of the Year, 2012

Title says it all really. Needless to say we’re all over the moon to see this drop into our inbox and much beer is about to be drunk!  We picked up a couple of good second places last year with GLWG and were happy enough with that, but this is a real accolade and I [...]

Windows RT – Might work out at some point.

If anyone already read this post, it has had a very positive effect and Microsoft have graciously decided work with us to iron out the problems and get us past this incident. With a sense of fair play, I’m putting my grumpiness on hiatus and deleting the juicy bits. Which was all of it, sorry. [...]