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November, 2012

Fantastic, now with added acronymns. This time, AI

We’ve specced out several levels of intelligence for the computer player, to provide for a nice range of newbie to advanced skill levels in the quests and stuff. The deepest level of intelligence will be implemented using the same stuff as you’d find in a chess engine, looking several moves ahead, making cunning plans, nipping [...]

Fantastic. Latest update – now with added GUI

Wow, things are really starting to pick up now. The actual combat and abilities/magic/etc is all coming along really nicely. So much so that the “programmer art” front end was starting to the let the side down a bit. So, us being indies and therefore not needing three meetings to discuss who should be in [...]

Curiosity? Result!

It’s still early for making firm plans, but no indie developer can exist without at least occasionally thinking about how to market his next creation right off the bat. Factoring in “marketable aspects” even has to be done during the initial design phase, as there’s no point making something incredible if nobody ends up seeing [...]

Welcome aboard, Lez Andrew.

Lez brings a ton of experience of all kinds of yummy coder stuff, and even some time out of the game industry learning how to do stuff “properly”. The only sad part is that it turns out our new subscriber was actually him. So I’m still basically talking here instead of just shouting across the [...]