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October, 2012

Fantastic – week #3

Been a busy week here in fantasy towers. Most notable by some bad news – we failed to win a 6 foot orc for the office at a local auction room! Better news is that the game is coming on in leaps and bounds. We have all the tech in place on mobile now for [...]

Rubicon and Kickstarter

Just a quick note to people that we’re not making our next game with kickstarter funding, which feels like something fresh and unique! KS is a better alternative to publisher funding, but the best funding of all is to make good stuff, sell it for a profit, and invest that in the next project. Nah, [...]

Progress report

Still early days with only me working on this project right now, but the rest of the guys are getting to the end of their various jobs on Great Big War Game. With a view to getting the code organised and designed so development can be scaled up, I’ve largely been working on boring behind [...]

Fantastic, week 2

Still getting some core code together to load graphics efficiently, squeezing all the masses of data into something that’s gonna run on a phone. Just introduced the concept of weapons, attaching them to animated skeletons and all that stuff. Since last time, a bunch more characters have been modelled too. Looking good.


That’s the working title of our new game, under hardcore development by the whole team until long into next year. We’re self funding it so we get to call the shots too. Short version is, we’re talking part pokemon, part final fantasy, focussing on the battles. No cheesy dungeons to explore, just build a team [...]