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August, 2012

That’s us about done making complex games for a few bucks.

We are now being outsold by an app called  “Shoe Doodle”.  And yes it really is an app that allows you to stick some coloured patterns onto training shoes. Virtual models of training shoes. Imagine that! I’m somewhat speechless tbh. Am I living on the wrong planet?

Chop Chop Karate is a goer

Had a visitor this week, bit of a biz dev type – ie someone who knows what he’s looking at before something is finished. We showed him Chop Chop with a view to getting honest feedback to the following question: “So, how do you feel about a karate game where you do your moves first, [...]

Chic flic or action movie?

Chinese or Italian food? Mediterranean Cruise or Skiing vacation? Stay in or go out? Ahem. Soon you’ll be able to settle an argument the traditional way – by smashing your fist into the other persons face over and over. Chop Chop Karate: For when the argument’s just not going your way.  

Our actual next game

For the four subscribers who might have seen my recent piece, you might be disappointed to know that we’re not actually going ahead with cut the angry zombie ninja wings after all. It was a nice idea, but Apple won’t allow us to charge minus five dollars as promised. So, with heavy hearts, we agreed [...]

Our next game: A freemium version of cut the angry ninja bird rope

This is more about post-portem than anything, but I’ll post a more detailed one in a few months. For now I just wanted to put our deja vu down on “paper” regarding the release of Great BIG War Game. Release month is almost over. We had a sterling start with many 95% and 100% review [...]

I am an indie vidual

Having recently seen industry legend Brian Baglow in action at the Develop conference in Brighton, I just dug out an excellent presentation from him on what it means to be an indie in the current climate. If you’re thinking about making a game, you should totally check out this video presentation. Get some popcorn though, [...]

About time I had my rant about piracy. Hell, every dev does it at some point…

So, let’s get our shit together here. If you want a free version of Great BIG War Game for Android, just type in “great big war game” to Twitter search and enjoy. I just did that and the first seventeen tweets all had different links to the updated game we published a couple of hours [...]