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Spinmaster Bowling

Spin Master Bowling002

Getting a rerelease soon. Core new features: Replacing the graphics that look like my mum did them with some shiny spangly new stuff to match more modern hardware capabilities Replacing the control method with something that allows you to actually bowl the ball Fixing loads of crash bugs due to the old game not respecting [...]

Epic Little War Game – Out Now

What, you still here? Go here: Steam: iOS: Android:

Epic Little War Game – Beta Testing

Epic Little War Game039

Update: The Beta is now closed and well underway, we’re not able to service any more requests thank you. Right, we’ve almost done! Been a long time coming. We’re now looking for mobile beta testers. If you want to get involved, you’ll need to have a decent Android or iOS device and send a mail [...]

Epic Little War Game – Dev Diary 8

Two major AI things got finished today, both of which I’ve been crafting for quite a while, plus a whole ton of other stuff. Needless to say I’m pretty chuffed with myself right now, so it’s time to share. Transports Builder units can now reach areas previously unreachable by calling in a sky hook transport [...]

Epic Little Greenlit Game – Result!


Small post, big impact. We’ll be able to release on all formats at the same time now. Thanks to everyone that voted for the game, we’ll try not to disappoint!  :D

Epic Little War Game – Dev Diary 7


Not that much to report at the moment, still soldering on with the campaign missions for single player. I don’t want to show anything about that though as it will spoil the surprises. So we did find time to work in this new structure that you can build in your base. It’s basically a free [...]

Epic Little War Game – Dev Diary 6

Hi all. I realise it’s been a long time since I made an official post about the game’s progress, so here we go. As you may know, we launched a greenlight campaign to get the game onto Steam a couple of days ago. That’s going well enough but faster being better, go mash the yes [...]

Epic Little War Game – Help Wanted for Greenlight

Been a while since I last update my dev diary for Epic Little War Game. Mostly that’s because we’ve all been involved in grunt work, but something new happened today. We’re finally at a point where we can show something official, so up on Steam Greenlight it goes. Yay! Please click the image link below [...]

Connecto Versus (4 in a line) FREE on Android right now


And finally… Yes it really is “finally”. This is the last of our range of family favourites for a while, although a load of ports to iOS are lined up to go rsn. Grab it here and let us know what you think?

Checkers Versus – Out NOW for free on Android


Checkers (or “Draughts” if you prefer) is our penultimate offering in this run of timeless classics releases for Android. It plays a mean game for that single player itch, or take it online and beat the world. That’s it really – it’s Checkers, not mining alternate fuels on Jupiter. Grab it right here, gratis:

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